Why Coaching?

In our personal and professional lives, we juggle a lot of balls, and sometimes, it can feel a little overwhelming. As humans committed to doing our best and making the most out of our time here on this planet, we sometimes trip over looming questions like What next? How do I navigate the uncertainty? How do I deal with the stress? How do I reach my goals? What are my goals? How can I better support my kids as they grow?  Why do I keep making the same mistakes? Why am I afraid of success or failure or love or loss or…?  How do I let go?  How can I make better choices? How do I make this change I am seeking?

In coaching, we partner with the sole purpose of supporting YOU to clear the path so that you can identify and do those things that will make your life more fulfilling, meaningful, successful. The role of the coach is to believe in YOU, help you uncover your strengths and the possibilities in them, support your growth, challenge you to reach higher, help you plan and celebrate your victories.

What my clients are saying

Kim helped me map out some long term career goals and provided me with some guidance on how best to approach those goals. It definitely helped me have a better vision of my future.

Ben, age 36

Madrid, Spain

I came to Kim to help me start thinking about the best way to make a transition in my career. The sessions we had were fun, honest and very insightful. She opened my eyes to a world of opportunity and helped me identify the barriers that were holding me back.

Camila, age 23

London, UK

I had many, major life decisions come up in one month’s time. I was overwhelmed. I felt like I was not able to put all of the life pieces of the puzzle together. Through talking, Kim helped me build the frame of the puzzle and once the frame was built, I just filled in the pieces.

Kathy, age 58

St. Paul, Minnesota

Turning challenge into opportunity.

Personal & Professional Coaching

From young adults to parents to emerging professionals to seasoned leaders, Kimberly Cullen supports individuals or small groups who are looking to change or grow. 

Combining her profound interest in empowering people to design their own success with her 23 years of experience in education as a teacher, counselor and administrator, Kimberly helps her clients clear their own paths to make change and growth possible.  

Kimberly is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

"Well done is better than well said."  Benjamin Franklin.

Lifting others.

Empowering Women in Life and Leadership

Kimberly supports all women at the cross section of work and family life, supporting them to develop their own pathways.  From emerging or seasoned professionals who want to stretch themselves and continue personal development to those in middle life seeking new challenges, Kimberly's focus is to empower women to be their best selves. 

Kimberly's experience as a school leader, combined with her passion for lifting others and her ultimate belief in the power of the individual, enable her to approach coaching with a profound belief in the possibilities. Change is possible. Growth is fundamental.   

"Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.  
Maya Angelou

Empowering Growth in Schools and School Communities

Consulting for Schools

Schools work hard to ensure that students are prepared for a dramatically different future, and seismic shifts are taking place in how school communities are experiencing teaching and learning. 

Kimberly meets schools where they are, helping them to plan for the goals they aim to achieve.  Through both consulting and coaching, Kimberly provides foundational support to school leaders, educators, parent communities and the students themselves as they adjust to changing paradigms and evolving school culture.   

Kimberly's extensive experience in K12 education from operations through instructional leadership gives her the unique ability to both step back and dig in. By partnering with education leaders to engage in a coach-approach to change and growth, Kimberly's work can ultimately benefit an entire school community. 

Kimberly is a licensed Coaching Clinic facilitator through Coach U, and her work with administrators and teacher leaders can be foundational for building a culture of coaching in learning organizations and schools.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."  Abraham Lincoln

How Kimberly Can Support Your School

Leader as Coach

Leading through Coaching

Leaders are far more effective when using a coach-approach to supporting the peronal and professional development of their employees.  As a Licensed Coaching Clinic (TM) Facilitator, Kimberly can help school leadership refine the skills needed to empower teachers, parents, and students in growth.  

Visioning and Planning

Strategic Visioning and Planning around Change

Kimberly can support your schools as they work toward implementing critical programmatic changes in order to better prepare students for the future - experiential learning focused on 21st century skills, standards-based learning systems, professional learning and individual goal setting, community outreach, guidance and student support service, and more. 


School-defined needs

Because of her breadth of experience international k12 education, Kimberly can serve as a resource, advisor and sounding board for school leaders and can support the development of consulting plans as needed.  

Believe in the possible. 
Be your best self. 

About Kimberly Cullen 

A writer, coach, and international educator, Kimberly has spent more than two decades helping people grow and succeed.  Through her various roles in teaching, counseling, instructional leadership, operations management (development and alumni relations, communications and marketing, events), and accreditation coordination, Kimberly has supported thousands of young people, parents, teachers, and school leaders through learning and change. 

Kimberly is an American citizen, raised in Sao Paulo, Dallas and Madrid. ​ As an adult "Third Culture Kid", she brings perspective, compassion, integrity, collaboration, and commitment to her work. Kimberly offers a balanced approach to coaching through challenge and change that is forward thinking, yet grounded in the present.   

Kimberly is a member of the International Coaching Federation. 

Kimberly Cullen believes in the possible, and aims to help others live into their potential.

Client Profiles

* Educator in mid-thirties considering a career in administration
* Young professional looking at changing career path
* Professionals in their forties and fifties launching a new business
* Wife and mother in middle life considering next steps now that children are getting older
* Professional of 30 years exploring major life changes
* Experienced professional wanting to improve time management
* Parent seeking to improve communication with growing children
* Recently promoted university administrator, focusing on leadership skill development
* Educators wanting to put their best foot forward in application materials and interviewing while looking for a new international post

Why Kimberly

She promotes commitment, integrity and being bold.
She supports initiative and responsibility.
She celebrates courage and authenticity.
She believes in balance and kindness.
She helps others live into their potential.