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Kim brings to coaching and consulting over two decades of helping people of all ages and students live into their potential. A veteran educator, leader and coach, Kim supports individuals and organizations who seek change or growth by helping them find their own way. With an authentic, compassionate, and balanced approach that is forward-thinking yet grounded in the present, Kim will help you live into your potential. Kim is a graduate of Coach U and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

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From young adults to parents to emerging professionals to seasoned leaders, Kim supports individuals or small groups who are looking to change or grow. Combining her profound interest in empowering people to design their own success with her 23 years of experience in education as a teacher, counselor and administrator, Kim helps her clients clear their own paths to make change and growth possible. 

Kim is a founding member of the ICCPE, a network of coaches that work with leaders in education an other industries.  For more information about the International Collaborative for Coaching Professionals in Education, browse our website, www.coachingpartnerships.org.

Consulting and Presenting

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Leaders As Coaches:  Empowering Growth in Schools

Workshop series for school leaders focused on building effective coaching skills to empower growth in schools. 
June-September 2021
Facilitated in collaboration with the International Schools Services' Mary Anne Haas Women's Symposium

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Raise Her Up - AAIE

Supporting women leaders in international education.
April 2021 
Presentation at the Annual Conference for AAIE,  Association for the Advancement of International Education.


Raise Her Up - ECIS

Supporting women leaders in international education.
April 2021
Presentation at the Annual Conference for ECIS, Education Collaborative for International Schools.


Women in Life and Leadership

Kim supports all women at the cross section of work and family life, supporting them to develop their own pathways. From emerging or seasoned professionals who want to stretch themselves and continue personal development to those in middle life seeking new challenges, Kim's focus is to empower women to be their best selves. Kim's many years of progressive leadership, combined with her passion for lifting others and her ultimate belief in the power of the individual, enable her to approach coaching with a profound belief in the possibilities. Change is possible. Growth is fundamental.

Kim is co-author of the book Raise Her Up:  Stories and Lessons from Women in International Educational Leadership (Solution Tree Press, March 2022).  Learn about the work Kim and Debra do with women leaders on the Raise Her Up website, www.raiseherup.net.  

Schools and School Communities

Kim's experience in K12 education from operations through instructional leadership gives her the unique ability to both step back and dig in. By partnering with education leaders to engage in a coach-approach to change and growth, Kim's work can ultimately benefit an entire school community.  Kim is a licensed facilitator of Coach U's Coaching Clinic (TM).

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